This Blog has been set up by Nigel McCorrie in order to make the pamphlets and booklets that the late Michael Walker wrote, complied, or re-printed in support of the truth that he wished to pass on to those who have “ears to hear”.

The original formats of the booklets was in MS PUB95 and 98, which have now in the main been converted to PDFs, in as close to their original style and formats as reasonably possible, and will begin to appear in the “Booklets – PDF” page in time.

Subsequently it is intend that the booklets are made available in a more normal blog style and format in suitably categorised pages, so that the contents can be more readily read and used in more modern presentation tools, permitting them to be reshaped and searched for instance.

If you have any questions then please feel free to contact me via snmccorrie@gmail.com